All Analytics & Business Tools Trainings

Certificate in Business Analytics using R

experience on the power of data explore the data using R as a tool to get valuable insights for the business.

Exploratory Analytics using Python

Understanding the data by visualising it with several plots for investigating its characteristics.

Blockchain with Ethereum, Hyper Ledger and Quorum & its use cases

Understand the methodology of blockchain and its application across industries.

Robotics Process Automation

Create your automation processes from scratch to automate activities that involves Text, Web, Excel, Mail, PDFs, VDIs, etc.

Penetration testing

Learn to perform authorized tests on computer systems in order to expose weaknesses in their security that could be exploited by criminals.

Business Analytics

Develop relevant analytical abilities to derive insights from the data

Ethical Hacking

Covers the latest hacking techniques and the most advanced hacking tools

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